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:Oct 10,2007 6:12am - post by hydeordie
Anton Le Vay posing with the newly soul imprisoned Sammy Davis Jr. ; shortly after his exchange for "nothing bad ever happening to his hobo penises in a jar collection"
:Apr 22,2007 1:55am - post by
:Mar 15,2007 9:15am - post by Mike Stranger
God site. Thanks!
:Mar 13,2007 4:18am - post by Alfred

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:Feb 27,2007 11:24pm - post by Yamek
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:Feb 23,2007 3:11pm - post by maricjqf
:Feb 21,2007 3:56am - post by Rokky

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:Feb 15,2007 1:27pm - post by reallasdw@yahoo.com
:Feb 14,2007 2:30pm - post by mail4fff@mail.com
:Feb 6,2007 8:21pm - post by Auron
Hi people!! No war! make love!
:Feb 6,2007 6:12pm - post by Hellhound
The guy on the left is Anton Lafey, I forgot the other guys name.
:Dec 11,2006 6:14pm - post by name
:Nov 6,2006 7:20pm - post by Rick Ricardo
Poem is a strange type of literature, isnt it?
:Oct 22,2006 2:36am - post by Kikujiro Bee
I'm in trouble, help me...
:Oct 19,2006 9:37am - post by Sed
Good Work!H
:Oct 11,2006 6:19pm - post by Tereza Gash
C'est trouis bien. Nice, i mean. Thanks!
:Sep 26,2006 11:22am - post by Xenta Mech
Good work. Interesting posts, besides those spam...
:Sep 24,2006 12:25am - post by sacreligion sucks
satan hates sacreligion you guys are false
:Sep 11,2006 12:14pm - post by Biotlon
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:Jul 15,2006 6:26pm - post by Dejp
:Jun 24,2006 5:19pm - post by ertert
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:Jan 13,2006 12:27pm - post by dwellingsickness
I find it funny that everyone knew who Anton Levay was and no one knew Sammy Davis JR. You will all go to hell
:Jan 10,2006 1:53pm - post by hutch
that dude has a glass eye! hahaha
:Dec 20,2005 8:45pm - post by these_words_will_carry_me
i think the tall dude is way hardcore
:Nov 9,2005 2:46am - post by DrugAga1nstWar_BTK
now those are some sexy bee-otches.
:Oct 24,2005 11:58am - post by toras_and_tourettes
wow hes hotttttt!!!!!....wait they are both hotttttt!!!!
:Aug 21,2005 11:40pm - post by TriPP
Sammy is more metal than that fag will ever be
:Aug 21,2005 11:08pm - post by DaveFromTheGrave
I just found this
:Jun 19,2005 2:33pm - post by jonny annex
the guy on the right is old man maginty, and the guy on the left is nigel, a dude who delivers the saturday paper to my mum's house.Sometimes he comes round and picks up the lemons that have fallen on the ground, he likes to help mum out.he's a lovely man with a gentle manner and a warm smile.He smells like lavender.lovely.
:Jun 1,2005 4:14pm - post by deathmetal5665
the there is a coon hang it
:Oct 6,2004 4:43pm - post by succubus
see..i knew there would be a bunch more replies if i bumped this pic

:Oct 6,2004 3:32pm - post by the_reverend
the candy man man.
:Oct 6,2004 11:48am - post by MILLER
Something like this gets nothing but a 10
:Oct 5,2004 3:59pm - post by Christraper
Sammy Davis Jr!! Hahahahaha!
:Oct 5,2004 3:46pm - post by metalmatt666
IT"S ANTON LA VEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and who the fuck is the other guy
:Oct 4,2004 12:19pm - post by succubus
:Aug 12,2004 4:42pm - post by succubus
:Aug 12,2004 9:48am - post by the_reverend
:Aug 12,2004 12:45am - post by Exiledrummer
Hey does anybody have any open spots in the chelmsford/lowell/or nashua area for another band? if so Im me at spe436 or email me at vrouhas@aol.com
:Apr 9,2004 12:45pm - post by A44calluvletr
if it makes you happy to label your self well then why the fuck not man
:Mar 21,2004 10:52pm - post by The_ExhumeD
Antwan Levay (SP?) and some dude that reminds me of the devil from dirty work, I guess... the satanic bible, HEH!
:Mar 21,2004 10:50pm - post by The_ExhumeD
Honestly Rev, how can you go to all those shows and still be up for work the next morning, Im on this site all day, Its good to have a local site thats actually in active use FUCKING FIENDING THIS SHIT
:Jan 24,2004 7:41am - post by slowdecayoftime
i respect the rev for the dedication to the scene and all the efort
:Jan 24,2004 7:39am - post by slowdecayoftime
:Jan 9,2004 4:47pm - post by swamplorddvm
uhhh...yeah sure, why not!?!
:Dec 15,2003 10:32pm - post by KILL ME NOW
:Dec 6,2003 12:45pm - post by MetalStorM
hmmm...i dont know...
:Dec 2,2003 10:16pm - post by succubus
i haven't commented on this photo yet..hmmm
and i will let it be my first comment on the "new" board ... wonder where you founf this...i don't think i ever asked
:Dec 1,2003 9:27pm - post by the_reverend
just making sure this works..
:Nov 25,2003 11:32am - post by The_Cunt
:Nov 21,2003 8:40pm - post by deathroat
what goes around comes around
:Nov 17,2003 10:49pm - post by kerbs
:Nov 15,2003 10:13pm - post by squirl
what! u hav nothin, not even a picture, of "scary german guy", 1 of the greatest bands ever?!!
:Nov 13,2003 12:47pm - post by pessimist
all girl death metal band....
:Nov 7,2003 2:53pm - post by StParareNex
If I'm bored...I should probably post on the forum
:Sep 19,2003 1:55pm - post by CalibanXorXdie
poison the well is emo you prick
:Sep 12,2003 7:53pm - post by XDarkbrad
what the hell is goin pn?
:Aug 15,2003 2:44am - post by the_reverend
if you are bored, post on the forum... http://www.returntothepit.com/view.php
:Aug 14,2003 9:24pm - post by HardcoreChick
im bored
:Aug 14,2003 2:31am - post by Miserty Tide
Anyone want to play a show In Tucson AZ E mail me Lovetoroll3737@yahoo.com
:Aug 14,2003 2:30am - post by Miserys Tide
whats up
:Aug 10,2003 11:45pm - post by PoisontheWell
:Aug 6,2003 10:42pm - post by Tampon
sammy davis you're my hero, now.Nah fuck off you hoser
:Aug 5,2003 4:16pm - post by listentometal
:Aug 2,2003 6:30am - post by the_reverend
well, there is a search engine... there is the word "search" all over the place (including at the bottom of this page). Also if you read http://www.agoraphobicnosebleed.com/news.htm it says they are under pig destoryer
:Aug 2,2003 5:35am - post by anon
should at least have a Search Engine to search for the pics by band names
:Aug 2,2003 5:34am - post by anon
where are the Agoraphobic Nosebleed live pics?
:Aug 1,2003 12:15pm - post by blindhallucinator
:Jul 29,2003 1:06pm - post by joostin
:Jul 22,2003 12:22am - post by ithcsommol
:Jul 13,2003 8:36pm - post by whenthesunsleeps
hmm, i'm so damn confused.
:Jul 13,2003 8:36pm - post by whenthesunsleeps
hmm, i'm so damn confused.
:Jul 13,2003 10:14am - post by CHAOTIC_EFFECT
I wanna see the pics of the chicks that go to the shows, if possible, he he he, and the pics of nevermore do you have some?
:Jul 10,2003 11:14am - post by joostin
i'm surprised you got "whores" right, it's F-A-G-G-O-T you foolish moorun
:Jul 10,2003 10:59am - post by kunu
you faget whores
:Jul 7,2003 9:22pm - post by CHAOTIC_EFFECT
Dude!!! Nuclear Assault rules!!! I wanna see this band in Brazil, and hear musics like Brain Death again, and new stuff of course!!! Hail to the Real Thrashers around this fuckin world!!!...WWWhhhheeeeeeennnnnnn FFFFFffffrreeeeedddddooommmmmmmmm DDDDiiiiiieeeeeeeesssss!!!!!!
:Jun 29,2003 6:51pm - post by A_Cold_Reality
metal shit kinuggets sponge
:Jun 11,2003 10:48am - post by ballpointserialmurderer16
u guys should go to the show at fat cats on july 6th
:Jun 9,2003 9:50pm - post by XDarkbrad
:Jun 6,2003 5:23pm - post by yeah
p.s. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooofff
:Jun 6,2003 5:22pm - post by XNIGGA WHATX
:Jun 6,2003 5:22pm - post by imsocool
like whats the deal?
:Jun 6,2003 5:21pm - post by imsocool
do people put "x's" around everything to be cool, or hardcore or something
:May 21,2003 5:28pm - post by jewman
are ther any shai hulud pics here?
:May 9,2003 10:24am - post by XJennX
:Apr 29,2003 6:08pm - post by joostin
that's just not nice
:Apr 9,2003 12:40am - post by penis
fuck this site
:Apr 5,2003 9:43am - post by frankdank
d. roddy rules, with an ironclenched fist!
:Apr 5,2003 8:41am - post by thegreatspaldino
i pooped my pants :(
:Apr 2,2003 2:54pm - post by severmywrists
someone please tell me a show i can go to this fri. hardcore shows need not reply
:Mar 7,2003 8:52am - post by jamal
donkey punch is fucking metal. theyve got some balls.
:Feb 23,2003 6:16pm - post by Bear
Is that Rob Halford? YES PRIEST AND SAMMY!! now thats metal
:Feb 23,2003 6:14pm - post by Bear
Hey babe, the candyman wants you to be his candygirl. Wheres Dean i ned a drink!
:Feb 18,2003 11:00am - post by XadamX
yes indeed i do like this as well.. GO SAMMY!!
:Jan 28,2003 6:26am - post by TheGreatSpaldino
Sammy Davis Jr is the most metal person EVER
:Jan 17,2003 4:43pm - post by chrissy
dead to fall kicks major ass!!!!!
:Jan 13,2003 4:43pm - post by Hoser
:Aug 7,2002 4:18pm - post by --=MrsCrowley=--
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:Feb 9,2002 3:50pm - post by the_reverend
hello, I like this
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